2016-04: Sorry I do not own a SL3516 NAS anymore and can not give support. I nevertheless added most of the packages I could build to the repository

For those interested in a RAID1 setup, I hadn't included the madm tools till the latest release. You'd indeed better forget about raid. In case of problem, like power outage, the rebuild process, even pretty fast at first sight (40MB/s) is damn slow. I was using two 1TB hard drives. The rebuild time without software overhead is 1e12/40e6/3600= 8 hours ! Better stay with one hard drive as main storage and for example a nightly rsync as backup to the second hard drive.

This page is about hacking around a NAS box (Network Attached Storage)
especially the MZK-NAS02SG, a rather low-end 2 SATA Drive Bay one.

I started after having bought the MZK-NAS02SG from Planex Communications. I was not satisfied with this box since it lacks an essential feature for me : the NFS file system export for Linux.

I quickly disassembled the box and found an ASIC Gemini CPU from Storlink, the SL3516 which is basically an ARM based micro-controller (V4 harden macro probably). Storlink got taken over by Cortina Systems in 2008. They got their products renamed in consequence (the SL3516 reference changed to CS3516).


  • 2011-09 : OpenWRT firmware images available for Planex and Mvixusa. Kernel 3.0
  • 2011-02 : OpenWRT firmware images available for Planex, test for Icybox IB-NAS4210/20B
  • 2010-09 : failsafe Redboot and openWrt kernel 2.6.32 release
  • 2009-08 : ARM FA526 breaking and bootrom disassembly
  • 2009-06 : running partial kernel 2.6.30. Adapted the target for the planex numerous leds.
  • 2009-03 : openWRT running kernel 2.6.15 + NFS/SAMBA/RSYNC/SVN/CVS server and LUCI Web


99% compatible

;#; Thank you CORTINA SYSTEMS for NOT supporting the community of users
nor providing the datasheet of your SoC.

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